We are Nick and Cathy Tricarico and we have recently relocated from Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs to a small township in Gippsland in Victoria. 

We attended a number of cat shows before deciding on the British shorthair as our breed of choice.  We were attracted to the medium to large size of the breed, their chunkiness and rounded heads, their short, dense coats, hardiness and equally important their gentle but affectionate nature. 

In 1994, we welcomed our first British Shorthair, a desexed orange eyed white male (Macalyn White Henry), and then a black female (Obanya Black Matilda).  We breed mainly blues, but have occasional litters of blacks and orange-eyed whites. 

We thoroughly enjoy showing our cats and kittens, and have bred a number of cats which have been extremely successful on the show bench. 

Nick is an All Breeds judge  and has judged widely throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Our kittens are raised in the home and as a result have wonderful and endearing temperaments. 

We have always welcomed visits from prospective parents and continue to do so. We are approximately 2 hours from central Melbourne and only 20 minutes off the Princes Hwy at Traralgon. 

All Bevington kittens leave home at 12 weeks of age, after being desexed, vaccinated twice and microchipped. 

Delivery to Melbourne can be arranged if necessary,as well as  interstate transport at buyers expense. 

From time to time we have older cats who also require loving homes for their retirement. 

We have been members of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Australia and Victoria) Inc since 1994.




The British Shorthair is a particularly strong and robust breed. It can grow to be one of the largest cat breeds but its gentle and shy disposition has caused it to be described as the “gentle giant”.  The British Shorthair has a quiet voice and is easy to care for.  The British Shorthair loves being close to you,  without being clingy. 

British Shorthairs are very independent, yet extremely affectionate, very alert and quizzical and love to follow you around the house to make sure you do things the right way. 

The British Shorthair is the ideal cat for the working person or couple as it is not demanding.  Yet the British Shorthair is highly adaptable and loves company and children.